Why Smoothies are better than Milkshakes

Milkshakes and smoothies are refreshing treats, particularly on a hot summer day. You can easily make them at home or grab them at various stores in your neighborhood. Depending on the ingredients that you will use and what you are hoping to accomplish by drinking them, both drinks can be a healthy option. However, it may be safe to say that smoothies may be slightly superior when it comes to nutritional content as they are mostly based on fresh fruits and vegetables especially if you make them at home. Read on to uncover why smoothies are better than milkshakes.


Boost Vegetable and Fruit Intake

Not many people like to eat what the doctor recommends as their daily vegetable and fruit intake. To stay healthy, a person should have at least 5-9 servings of vegetables and fruits every single day to prevent cancer and other illnesses. Drinking smoothies are a convenient and quick way to get your dark and leafy greens without tasting them. Fruits mask the flavor, so that you only taste the fruits regardless of the vegetable that is in there. Note than an average smoothie has around 3-5 servings of vegetables and fruits. Smoothies can help reset your taste buds so that you crave healthy food something that milkshakes cannot achieve as they are all sweetness because of the ice cream and milk.


Strengthens Immune System

Although you consume ingredients that help to increase your body’s immunity whether you are taking a smoothie or a shake, the smoothies usually work better than the shakes. The combination of fruits and vegetables as well as other healthy ingredients that go into making the green smoothies help your body to maintain optimum health. Antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins present in certain fruits and veggies help to protect the body against illnesses. Ginger, cranberries, and citrus fruits are some of the top immune boosting smoothie ingredients.


Promotes Radiant Skin and Healthy Nails

Many people after drinking smoothies notice a positive difference when it comes to how their skin and nails appear. The smoothies can even help to improve acne for some people. It is probably because they consume healthier foods which means that not too much waste is found in their bodies something that results in the glowing, smooth, and radiant skin as well as robust and healthy hair and nails.


An Alkalizing Effect

Although this is one of the topics that brings in a lot of controversies, it is safe to say that the smoother offer the body with a natural way to maintain PH balance. The calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium in the leafy greens help to keep the bones strong. This implies that the body will not have to get its precious minerals from your bones since you will not have have a deficiency. Some people notice that they no longer suffer from indigestion or heartburn after consuming the green smoothies.


Help Provide Therapeutic Benefits

Numerous studies on nutrition and diet suggest that individuals who consume more fruits and vegetables are less likely to develop diseases, including cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer and other age-related conditions. Specifically, green smoothies when combined with healthy diets may offer therapeutic benefits for allergies, lupus, arthritis and other medical conditions. The smoothies which are rich in beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, lutein, and resveratrol help to support the perfect vision. Some women dealing with PMS also feel a little bit better after taking the smoothies.


May Help Lower Cholesterol

High levels of cholesterol in a person’s bloodstream can lead to a development of numerous health complications. When a person follows a healthy diet which may include the green smoothies, it may help to reduce the cholesterol levels to a healthy level. This way a person is able to lose weight more quickly, and they can rest easy knowing that certain diseases such as high blood pressure will not affect them. This is because the blood will be flowing smoothly in the body to deliver nutrients where they are supposed to be for a healthier body.

To ensure that you only consume green smoothies, it is important that you use natural ingredients that will help your body. The ratio of vegetables and fruits should be around 60% to 40%. Wash the vegetables well and do not refrigerate the smoothies for more than three days.