Origin of Smoothies

A smoothie is a mixture of fruits or vegetables pureed in a blender with water,sweeteners or ice. Dairy products like milk, yogurt, low fat, cheese are added. Sweeteners are like sugar, syrup and honey. Other smoothies you get herbal or nutritional supplements.Smoothies have thick textures that was invented on June 23, 1940 by Mabel Stegner. Mabel who was working in Waring Corporation published a recipe book called ‘Recipes to make your Waring –Go-Round’ and it described 12 milk smoothies. Those with blenders at that time were the ones making smoothies, In the late 1960’s ,blenders were popular in the US. Smoothies became even more popular in the 1990’s and 2000’s by being sold at coffee shops. Health smoothies were first invented by Steve Kuhnau who was experimenting on his health and it worked for him. It enabled him open a health food store named Smoothie King, where he was selling smoothie drinks and later it has grown to a chain of other stores. More than 30 years the founder of Smoothie King has expanded to Seoul,Korea and all over US. Steve Kuhnau branded the name smoothie hence referring to how fruit juices were made by hippies.

It maybe a myth or an irony that smoothies have been made years before as pureed fruit drinks, until the blender and the refrigerator were invented that now smoothies are easily made. Arnold Schwarzenegger a body builder took nutritious fruit drinks to boost their energy and health. Smoothies are best for your health and they are those that help in adding vitamins and antioxidants in your body. Smoothies have expanded to countries like India, Middle East and Mediterranean. A smoothie is very different from juice.With juices the liquid is extracted from a fruit while a smoothie contains the fruits or vegetables hence the whole fiber is not lost.

Facts about Smoothies

South Americans were the first to introduce smoothies and they called it the fruit slush. US only produced the blenders used to make the smoothies.

Smoothies helps in weight management.

A blender makes a perfect smoothie and you can use the Blendtec blender.

Smoothies take more time to break the digestion of food in the stomach because of the fruit fiber it contains. When food stays longer in the stomach,it makes you feel satisfied longer.

Smoothie market in US produces over $ 1.2 billion profit per year.

Smoothies originate back in the 1920s and was invented by Julius Freed who had stomach health problems.He made this drink and shared it with friends who named it Orange Julius.

With a healthy smoothie it is advisable to well balanced carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins.

They are known as health beverages.

Types of Smoothies:

History keeps on repeating itself as it goes on developing and being dynamic. Smoothies have been there since 1900s and will continue being there as many recipes are introduced. The following are types of smoothies;

  1. Vegetable –Based smoothies; Kales, cauliflowers, cabbage, spinach, carrots, broccoli have a nutrition value.They are rich in minerals and vitamins.They are also known as Green smoothies.
  2.  Energy-Boosting smoothies; These smoothies contain energy benefits in them.e,g oat meals have carbohydrates that assist you in enhancing your energy levels.
  3. Tropical smoothies; Tropical fruit juices from mangoes, pineapple, coconut water, watermelon juice, sweet lychee are the favorable ones for a tropical smoothie.Dairy products are added to create a creamy feel.
  4. Protein –Packed smoothie; These are low fat drinks that assist in weight loss.Low sugar fruits, milk, soy milk, soy powder and vegetables are recommendable to provide sustainable energy.
  5. Fruit smoothie; Favorite fruits that you prefer are mixed together with a combination of ice,milk or yogurt.
  6. Liquid base; Liquids like yogurt, milk, almond milk, coconut water, water are a good choice to enhance the taste and flavor of a smoothie.
  7. Healthy smoothies
  8. Weight loss smoothies
  9. Dessert smoothies

Benefits of smoothies:

Making a smoothie daily is a great benefit to you and the following are the positive impacts of drinking a smoothie daily;

It helps in weight management.Lose weight by taking well balanced smoothies that will enable you keep fit through the vitamins and minerals that smoothies contain.

Smoothies help in easy easy metabolism of food in the stomach hence easing digestion

It is a quick and easy to make.

Smoothies are a good remedy for detoxification.Your digestive system can be cleaned by taking green smoothies for a while.

A smoothie is good for rebuilding your body after a workout in the gym.

Smoothies are known to provide healthy hair and skin

Smoothies improve your immune system. They reduce the number of times you become sick.

Smoothies are seen to improve on the brain boost of humans through consuming their mineral and vitamin contents.

Smoothies are readily hydrated you wont need to take water after consuming one.

A healthy smoothy is good for breakfast.

As long as you have a recipe in mind it is easier for you to make a smoothie. All you need to first do is to consider the purpose of making that smoothie. You can choose to make weigh loss smoothie,detoxification smoothie,protein workout or a desert smoothie. You can add liquids like water, milk, yogurt or even coconut milk. Create a base for your smoothie by adding fruits almonds or ice that add a nice creamy taste. Then add fruits and vegetables. After that you add sweeteners,salt,spices,super-foods or protein powder and finally blend it.