The Effect of Smoothies on Digestion

The other names or spellings of a smoothie are a smoothee or a smoothy. It is a thick looking beverage usually made using blended raw fruits or common vegetables and mixed with other various ingredients such as ice, water and known sweeteners like honey.

Smoothies are considered as health foods and act as a better alternative to the fattier milky shakes or the sugary soft drinks. The addition of supplemental powder makes the health qualities of the thick drink to be enhanced. Some of the health benefits that come with smoothie consumption are protein boost, digestive healing, healthy weight loss as well as supplementing multi vitamin.

You will commonly find smoothies being sold mostly in health food stores and body fitness centers as health products. They are blended differently depending on where they come from. The ones blended in the United States do not contain dairy products, keeping only to favorite fruits like bananas that make them thicker and sweeter. Those from most other countries have more preference for yogurt to thicken and honey to act as the natural sweetener.

The smoothie craze is said to have started with the introduction of the Waring blender in 1939. It aroused a fascination towards all products that are blended. A California man employed in a drug store is also said to have introduced the modern commercial smoothie products. He created blended fruits with yoghurt and other ingredients to offer alternatives to the lactose and dairy products that some people did not prefer. He later started the famous Smoothie King drug store which became very successful with a line of chain stores that made smoothies very famous.

There are many different types of smoothies depending on ingredients mixtures. Some of the common ones are green smoothies, fruit smoothies, strawberry banana smoothie, savory smoothies among others.


It has been proved taking smoothies that are made of vegetables and fruits give you a significant number of health benefits. If you take about 4 cups of green smoothies every day your digestion improves greatly and your body cravings for junk foods are drastically reduced. It is known that green vegetables are fully packed with vitamins, omega 3 and minerals that make them good foods that are nutrient dense. They are the best components to make a green smoothie. By adding water and juices in the blender to complete the mixture the nutrients in the greens are released from the cellulose walls and they become easily absorbed into the blood stream. The benefits that come with that is the supply of body nutrients that helps digestion and helps in curbing cravings for junk foods.

Green smoothies are known to have the nutrients that improve your digestive system. Fiber is contained in most of the leafy and green vegetables. When combined with the drinks contained in the regular smoothie, it becomes very helpful in the promotion of bowel functions. It is also true that those people who consume on a regular basis the green smoothie will usually consume fewer foods that have high sugar and fat levels helping to promote digestion.

Fruits also provide the required nutrients that make your digestive system work very well. It is always good to include the fruit itself and not the juice. You can, for example, use the apple cider instead of the apple juice. The fruits do not contain added sweeteners like sugar that are not always good for your digestive system. Yogurt and Kefir are both dairy products that are made from milk that is cultured and they contain useful bacteria that work towards better digestion.

Most people that take pharmaceutical drugs do so mostly because of digestion related problems. The problems come in different forms such as acid refluxes, ulcers, Cohn’s, indigestion, constipation and many more others. Taking drugs can sometimes become uncomfortable and hence smoothies can present a better solution. Smoothies that concentrate on having more digestive friendly ingredients can help in a big way all digestive disorders. The main key to a healthy smoothie is to include only digestion friendly foods and avoiding the digestion unfriendly ones.

Smoothies offer you the perfect solution towards lessening all your digestion problems as they give the body minerals and vitamins that the body requires in the form that is assimilable to avoid taxing too much your digestive system. It is recommended that you take a smoothie or alternatively a healthy liquid mean each day to give the stomach system a break.

To manage well the positive smoothie effects on digestion you will need to learn about all the right ingredients that provide best health based nutrients. Know what fruits and vegetables make the best mixture.